Building a new home?

It is the perfect time to consider installing a Multiroom audio system from Shore 2 Shore Automation.

Enjoy Rock and Roll in the great room, party music on the deck or relax with some nice classical music while you soak in the tub, you can choose which rooms you want music in. Before the walls are installed, all wiring, cabling and brackets can be put in place to ensure a clean look when the house is finished. We install the volume control wall plates and touch screens in the locations that will work best for your lifestyle.

Shore 2 Shore Automation has solutions to meet every budget. Consider a Multiroom audio system to enhance your lifestyle and improve the resale value of your home.


Multi-Room Video

We centralize your equipment in your mechanical room so you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies wherever you want to watch them. Started a movie in the great room and want to head upstairs to watch the rest of the show in your bedroom? No problem, with our matrix switcher technology you can pause and transfer your movie to your master suite and head upstairs to finish the show. The modern home has the very thinnest televisions mounted right on the wall which eliminates the clutter of wires and A/V Equipment.

AV - Whole House - 1

AV - Whole House - 2

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