Control your watering schedules by the touch of a button!

Setup and run your entire irrigation system from the comfort of your chair.



  • Set lawn watering start times at sunrise / sunset, at a specified time, or for x minutes before or after these times.
  • Quick and easy setup - automatically adds zones based on your hardware setup
  • Easy to use Watering Wizard takes you step by step through the setup of your schedules
  • Provides 2 way status of all zones
  • Create up to 8 different watering programs right from your touch screen or tablet
  • Manually turn a single zone sprinkler on for a specified time
  • Run or pause or skip zones during programs
  • Visually displays a progress bar showing the completion of that zone and program
  • Visually see what time your sprinklers Program will End so you can plan around Entertaining
  • Your schedules run automatically based on your water preferences.

AV - Irrigation - 1

AV - Irrigation - 2

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