Smart Thermostats

Now with Dual Set points (Separate Heat and Cool) and Multi-Stage Outputs

  • Separate Heat and Cool Set points
  • Up to 3 Stage Heat, 2 Stage Cool
  • Remote control of all functions via RS-485 remote interfaces
  • Two part design
  • Backlit LCD Wall Display Unit
  • For standard gas / electric or heat pump HVAC systems
  • Replaces existing 4 or more wire thermostats without the need for additional wiring
  • Optional Remote Temperature Sensor

At your fingertips

With our powerful Sophie Automation System you can call your home and adjust the temperature locally or from anywhere in the world! Automatically control your temperature when you are home or away and save money!

AV - HVAC - 1

HVAC Systems Compatibility

  • Works with standard Gas/Electric or Heat Pump HVAC mechanical Systems
  • 2-stage Heating, 2-stage Cooling for Gas / Electric systems.
  • 3-stage Heating, 2-stage Cooling for Heat Pump systems.
  • Fan selection for fan w/heat operation.
  • Heat Pump Changeover selectable for Heat or Cool operation.
  • Fuse protected relay outputs to the mechanical systems

Saved us on more than one occasion!

“Saved us on more than one occasion! When our boiler failed while we were on vacation, Sophie sensed that the temperature had dropped and emailed me an alert. I was able to send someone in to repair the boiler before the pipes froze! Thank you Sophie!”

Dr. Robert Warshawski

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