We use only the highest quality components in our custom-built, genuine Intel Servers and Workstations. Intel is the world’s leading motherboard and processor manufacturer and maintains the lowest failure rate in the industry. This means that your Shore Systems are more reliable and more compatible with your specific hardware and software requirements.


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How can a Shore Genuine Intel Server benefit my business?

Our SHORE rack-mounted and pedestal Servers are built using only genuine Intel Sever building blocks.

What does this mean to your business?

Dependability & Availability - Intel Server Boards and Systems are rigorously tested in a variety of usage models which means that you can be confident and depend on your new Intel Server. Intel’s rock-solid reliability starts with their world-class design and uncompromising quality standards. Rigorous testing and extensive validation means you can trust Intel Server Products to perform as promised.

Commitment - We are committed to providing you an unmatched customer experience with a full 3-year advanced warranty, access to our experts, and confidence knowing that you have Intel in your corner.

Value - Our systems are designed intelligently to maximize the return on your investment. Power, efficiency, maximum performance and flexibility ensure you get more for your money.

Performance – Intel server processors deliver enhanced, energy efficient performance for data-intensive business applications which means that your company’s operations are on the leading edge of technology.

Warranty - All Intel server products include a three-year limited hardware warranty. With Advanced Warranty Replacement (AWR), Intel immediately ships out replacement products within 24 hours which translates to less downtime and less disruption of business processes.

Room to grow as your company grows - Selecting Intel Server building blocks enable you to build configurable, customized, and cost effective solutions. Stay competitive and ahead of the pack with the quality, flexibility and support you get with Intel Server Products.

IT - Custom Hardware - WorkstationsWorkstations

There’s power in a desktop PC. And with the latest innovations in design, performance, and security, Intel architecture based desktops for businesses deliver everything you need.

Shore 2 Shore Workstations based on Intel’s latest processors offer outstanding performance, manageability and flexibility for today’s complex business applications. Our systems are built to exceed all of the day-to-day demands that your organization will put on them. This reliability combined with our quick service response greatly reduces downtime, saving your business thousands of dollars.

Shore workstations based on the new Intel Core micro architecture are giving our clients unprecedented performance in quieter, cooler and potentially smaller packages.

The Shore 2 Shore family of workstation platforms provides your company with the choices to meet your specific business application needs from the smallest sized form factors to our Mid-tower solutions.

All-in-one PCs: Sleek, space-saving designs

Beautifully crafted all-in-one PCs powered by the latest Intel Core processors available in streamlined, clutter-free designs and are perfect for compact spaces.

Built-in security that’s built for business

Embedded security features, powered by new generation Intel Core processors protect users from identity theft and ensure safe network access.

Touch capable, enterprise compatible

All-in-one PCs are not only compatible with x86 applications, peripherals, and drivers for seamless system integration, they also feature innovative touch-capable technology that offers users a new and exciting way to work.

IT - Custom Hardware - NotebooksNotebooks

How can we give your company a competitive edge?

Laptops and Ultrabooks powered by the new Intel® Core™ processor family adapt to your needs with maximum performance, long battery life, and energy efficiency. You will experience greater productivity, thanks to long battery life and convenient, ultra-thin designs that enable you to move around freely, whether in the office or around the world. And with Intel Turbo Boost Technology and Intel Hyper-Threading Technology the new Intel Core processor family enables greater mobile performance and productivity by automatically adapting to each user’s unique needs.

IT - Custom Hardware - PeripheralsPeripherals & Components

Shore 2 Shore Automation offers a full line-up of the printers, peripherals, supplies and accessories your business uses every day. We save you time, effort and money by having these items available and delivered to your business when you need them.

IT - Custom Hardware - PricingPricing

Our focus is to provide the greatest value and cost effectiveness by providing high quality products at the lowest possible price.

Power, efficiency, maximum performance and flexibility ensure you get more for your money.

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