AIPHONE: Hands Free Color Video Intercom

Keep families safe from unwanted visitors without having to meet them at the door. Using video entry intercoms to replace a doorbell allow users to see and speak with people before letting them inside. If the family is away, missing a visitor is no longer an issue using a system with automatic recording capabilities.

Russound ComPoint: The music lover’s intercom

A natural extension of Russound’s audio systems, ComPoint is a complete intercom solution that integrates with virtually any Multiroom home audio system.

ComPoint is a true intercom system, providing point-to-point (zone-to-zone) communications as well as global paging from any keypad. With ComPoint, you can enjoy the benefits of Multiroom audio and the convenience of intercom communications, all easily integrated together.


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-Keep doors locked and identify visitors before authorizing them into your business or home.
-Talk with staff, patients and visitors throughout your healthcare practice using our communication intercoms.
-Create a safe environment for your family, employees and customers by securing all homes, buildings, campuses, and parking structures with one of our versatile Aiphone Intercom Systems.
-In addition to entry security, Aiphone intercoms can provide internal communication and paging notifications where desired




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Russound System Interfaces

ComPoint Advanced Keypad ISK2

-LCD panel displays zone for incoming and outgoing communication
-Global paging, point-to-point intercom and hands-free reply for easy operation
-Listen to a zone from anywhere in the home for peace of mind
-Attractive keypad offers elegant solution for any home
-160 selectable location names for personalizing intercom zones

Russound IKS2






Russound System Door Stations

ComPoint Door Station ISK3

-A single button press rings the doorbell and allows direct communication between you and your visitor
-Visitor can reply to you without pressing the button again
-Weather resistant construction for long life
-Single-gang size provides a flush, low profile fit for straightforward installation

 Russound IKS3