Sophie is an innovative product that gives you a sophisticated home automation lifestyle at an affordable price.

Powered by the award winning HALPro Software by Home Automated Living, Sophie gives you control of all the systems of your home, including lights, devices, appliances, sprinkler system, home theatre, Audio/Video Security, Climate, telephone and the internet from anywhere in the world - by VOICE!

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Why Voice Control?

There is no easier way to control your home then by simply speaking a command. There are two ways to interact with Sophie using your voice.

Local house phones

Simply pick up any phone in your house and press the # sign. Sophie is ready to accept your commands. Ask her for the latest weather, news, sport scores, stock information or add items you to your shopping list. Tell her you are going on vacation and she will set the house up to look "lived in" while you are away. Ask her to water your lawn and she will start the sprinkler system!

Remote phones

Just dial your home number from any phone from anywhere in the world and enter your pin number when Sophie answers and you can give her any command that you can when you are actually at home! A neighbor wants to borrow your lawnmower while you are away? No problem, simply phone Sophie and ask her to open the garage door!

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